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NLM Technical Bulletin, Jul-Aug 2018, NCBI Bookshelf Update: Search by MeSH Fields and Keywords Now Supported

Table of Contents: 2018 JULY–AUGUST No. 423


NCBI Bookshelf Update: Search by MeSH Fields & Keywords Now Supported. NLM Tech Bull. 2018 Jul-Aug;(423):b6.

2018 July 16 [posted]

As of July 12, 2018, the NCBI Bookshelf supports search by MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) fields, including MeSH Major Topics [MAJR], MeSH Subheadings [SH], & MeSH Terms [MH]. Bookshelf populates these MeSH fields in its index from the MeSH assignments in the NLM Catalog.

As of this date, Bookshelf also supports search by author supplied keywords. These keywords are indexed along with autogenerated concept phrases in the Bookshelf Concept Phrases & Keywords field [KYWD].

For more information about using these and other Bookshelf search fields, see the Search Field Descriptions and Tags section of Bookshelf Help.

Source: nlm.nih.gov

Updated: July 16, 2018 — 2:48 pm

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