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Why Is the Study of Ebola & Marburg a Priority for NIAID?

Marburg hemorrhagic fever was first recognized in 1967, when laboratory workers in Germany & Yugoslavia developed a hemorrhagic illness after handling tissue from green monkeys. The outbreak resulted in 31 infections & 7 deaths. Researchers later identified the cause as a never-before-seen filovirus, termed “Marburg” after one of the outbreak locations.

Eleven years later, Ebola virus was identified when two outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever occurred in northern Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) & southern Sudan. The causes of the outbreaks were identified as two different species of another book filovirus, called “Ebola” after a river in northern Zaire. Both species proved to be highly lethal, as 90 percent of the Zairian cases & 50 percent of the Sudanese cases resulted in death.

Source: niaid.nih.gov

Updated: May 14, 2018 — 7:11 pm

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